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Star Tours - A New Beginning by Agent Stacey

Agent Stacey recently had a chance to ride the Star Tours attraction in Disney's Hollywood Studios after an extensive refurbishment.

Upon arrival at the attraction, when the larger than life AT-AT comes into view, it is clear that the refurbishment started on the outside and guests are immediately immersed in the wonderful Star Wars theming as soon as they enter the queue. The exterior queue is longer than it was previously, and guests will be happy to hear that much of it is covered (providing shade and a bit of relief from the Florida sunshine).

Adjacent to the queue is the Fast Pass distribution area, where four kiosks are available for guests to claim their Passes

Entering the building, visitors will notice some familiar characters - C3PO and R2D2 are interacting with each other as they did in the original version of the attraction. There are some new surprises too as you proceed along toward the Boarding Area. Don't forget to grab your 3D viewing glasses

There are six simulators with three rows of seats in each simulator. At first look, guests who are familiar with the original attraction will notice that not much has changed in the appearance of the simulator - the seating and the surroundings (including the area in which the screen is displayed) look as they always have. But don't let that disappoint you!

As soon as the gate opens and the screen comes to life, there is no question that this is NOT the original attraction. The graphics are superb and the motion of the simulator is perfectly synched to make guests truly feel as if they are with their favorite characters traveling through the familiar scenes of Star Wars films. Watch for fun ways the attraction incorporates images of a lucky guest in the visuals of the ride.

Exiting the attraction, guests are guided through the Star Tours gift shop. The shop is filled with souvenirs and collectibles and is truly is a must see for all Star Wars fans.

Worth noting is the Jedi Training Academy located to the left of the Star Tours attraction. Guests can pre-register their young Jedis as soon as the Park opens each day. Spots are secured in a first come, first served basis (however, if you don't get on the list, sometimes if there are no-shows, some children may be selected from the audience to participate).

Until the next time.

May the force be with you!

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