Mary from Washington

Sue Pisaturo

My family’s first trip to Disney World was in 1978. We would go once every two years and more often when the next year had a big event such as Mickey’s Birthday party or the opening of a new park. We always did our own planning, but after reading  numerous Mousesavers Newsletters decided to give Small World Vacations a try.
We lucked out on our first try with you and got Marion. We will never do our own thing again. She’s magical! Marion has watched for discounts so we didn’t get frantic. She has always made the planning fun, letting us know about what’s new in Disney and she is delightful!! (And professional and efficient and nothing short of a miracle worker!) Marion has been a blessing to our four families and to our friends’ families as well. She’s been a real blessing to us.
This year is our 50th and we’d planned to take the whole family to Florida. Marion made all the arrangements and revised them and added “this” and subtracted “that”. We have been a challenge, to say the least. She’s handled everything with great good grace.
I just want you to know that Marion is a treasure and we are so grateful for her help. You did really well when you brought her into Small World!