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I want to let y’all know just how absolutely incredible Small World Vacations’ agent, Jenny is. She worked with us for probably a total of 6 months as we planned our trip and we could not have asked for a better fit! She was so incredibly knowledgeable, quick to response, super friendly, and just overall amazing. If you’re considering giving anyone a promotion I would put her first! We’ll be booking again soon and will be sure to reach back out to Jenny. I don’t think we’d be able to manage it all without her. She is simply the best.
Annie from Massachusetts

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our recent trip and the help that we received from Small World Vacations agent, Renee.  She was recommended to us by a friend and was invaluable to us in planning our trip.  As a novice to Disney it can be overwhelming figuring everything out and she was always quick to answer all of our questions. When we plan our next trip in a few years we’ll be sure to use her again and will be happy to recommend her and your company to anyone we know.  Thank you!
Clay from Indiana

Big thank you to Disneyfoodblog for recommending Small World Vacations! Agent, Michelle was great, very attentive, answered every question I had and made sure we got exactly the vacation I wanted! I will go back to them for all my Disney vacation needs!
Thomas from Missouri

Hi Small World Vacations. I just wanted to say that I have been working for several weeks already on my trip this summer with your agent, Jill 😍 I wanted to say how happy I am to have found Jill to assist us with our Disney cruise and universal studios. I would like to point out Jill’s professionalism, listening, benevolence, kindness and her good humor ! Which allows me to leave in confidence with my family. I will definitely recommend Jill to all my friends in France for their future trips… Don’t lose a wonderful person like her.
Laurent from France

I want to brag on one of Small World Vacations’ agents,  Jodie Ball. She has gone the extra mile to help me, my family and several friends with Disney. In fact, we have done 27 Disney cruises and when we transferred to Jodie, it made it that much better. Thank you and your entire team for all you do.
Scott from Georgia

I just got done booking a cruise with Kathy Atchue. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with her. We have worked with her on several vacations over the last 7 years and she always goes above and beyond. On our latest booking we ran into an issue where I was on a list with Disney that they would not accept my payment. She worked with her contacts and got me removed from the list and booked our upcoming cruise. She is a great communicator and easy to get a hold of, working all hours to make our vacations happen. I want to reiterate how awesome my family and I think  Kathy is and what a bright light she is for your company.
David from Ohio

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Small World Vacations agent, Angela, for such a wonderful vacation. We had an absolutely wonderful trip to WDW. It wasn’t possible without her expertise and knowledge. Angela was always quick to My family and I are extremely thankful for her assistance. I would like to thank her so much for all her hard work and passion for what she does. My family had the best magical family vacation and the memories will last forever. I have recommended my friends to connect with Angela at Small World Vacations in the future for a WDW trip. 
Harit from Ontario Canada

I’m sending a quick note to share positive feedback and complements on the performance of Small World Vacations’ agent, Amber Vaughan. We just returned from a Disney Cruise and I’ve completed planning a few days at a WDW resort and parks in May. Amber’s help in booking, advising, and generally making things way easier than they would have been without her has been exceptional. I appreciate her knowledge and competence and will absolutely come back to her for future trips. We’re already talking about another cruise and additional WDW resorts for late 2023 and 2024. Thought you’d want to know she’s been super helpful and valuable. Thanks!
Scott from Florida

I just wanted to be sure that Ms. Carrie Johnson is recognized for the great work that she does. She handled everything and let me know when it was done. She made recommendations. She kept us excited for our vacation. She answered all of my emails and provided information that was all accurate. She worked very hard for us, and she truly, truly, deserves all of the credit and acknowledgement for setting up our incredible cruise. I don’t know if it is allowed, but in the future, if she is still working with Small World Vacations, if it is ok with her and with Small World Vacations, we would love for her to handle our next Disney vacation…
Daniel from Hawaii

Small World Vacations’ Agent, Ella has helped us out with three different Disney trips and she is the absolute best. She is kind, knowledgeable, and responsive. This was particularly important when things didn’t go as planned (Covid, hurricane in Florida). I felt like I had a partner through every step of the process. I have recommended Ella and Small World Vacation to a number of my friends. Do whatever you need to do to keep Ella at SWV!
Linda from Nebraska

Hi Tracy – I just wanted to send you a thank you again for how wonderfully you took care of us on our last trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. We had the perfect room with a perfect view and it was the least stressful vacation I’ve ever been on. Y’all really do make dreams come true. Thanks for everything!
Elisa from Oregon

We consider ourselves Disney World pros and love planning our trips. I’m a bit of a parks strategy nerd, so if I have a question it’s usually a doozy. Cheryl at Small World Vacations has ALWAYS replied to even my whackiest questions quickly and thoroughly. Using an agent, even for those of us who think we know it all, is so helpful. It costs nothing but can save you time and money every trip!
Lee from Pennsylvania

Just wanted to pass along my wonderful experience with Small World Vacations Agent, Heather Garrett. I sent an inquiry on Christmas night. Then on Monday morning – day after Christmas – she had already reached out to me with a quote. I even changed my mind and had her look into something else and she quickly gave me an updated quote. An hour later, we were on the phone together and booking the cruise. She was able to get me a deal I wasn’t able to find online. As cheesy as it sounds, she really did make our Disney dreams come true!!! I will be recommending her and Small World Vacations to anyone who’s looking to do Disney!!
Nicole from Louisiana

The first time we took our kids to Disney was in 2009 and booked our trip by calling the 1-800 number through Disney. Our next trip was in 2013 and we used Small World Vacations and have never booked any other way since. Small World Vacation travel agents are fantastic in helping you plan your trip. They have great advice on when to go and where to stay as well as tips to make your trip magical. We had the best experience with Brandi in 2019 and she is now our go to agent for all our Disney trips and questions. I love how they pay attention to your trip and save you money when there is a new discount. I have recommended them to all my Disney friends new and old.
Wanda from Texas

I would like to thank Tanya at Small World Vacations for her amazing service. Our trip started on Christmas morning and by the evening Southwest Airlines had messed up our Disney/ Starcruiser vacation. I called Tanya, knowing it was Christmas Day and not only she answered, she did her magic and our trip was saved.
Francois from Colorado

My husband and I are huge Disney fans, so much so that we went there for our honeymoon 5 years ago. Then, this past June, we contacted Small World Vacations to help us book our 2nd honeymoon there. Agent Marion helped us plan everything including our 1st night at Grand Floridian, and our subsequent 2 days at the StarCruiser. She ensured that every single detail we wanted was achieved, such as drinks at Olga’s Cantina, a seat at the Captain’s Table, and face painting & photo session. Thanks to her, the vacation was absolutely perfect.
Sabrina from California

Hi Small World Vacations – I just wanted to let your team know how fabulous agent Minnie is! I have a big group of 16+ people and as much as I get a little frustrated trying to plan for a big group, she has been an amazing help with all the back and forth changes I had to make to accommodate by big group. Soo THANK YOU, Minnie! This also the reason why I turn to Small World Vacations when I book my Disney trips.
Ronna from California

Kathy Atchue at Small World Vacations is the best. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I would never book a cruise without her.
Lee from Massachusetts

We came back from our vacation, and I have to say what Small World Vacations’ agent, Lulu did was extraordinary.  We had the best time.  I am a DVC member and can say that her work is much of a higher grade than theirs and others.  Lulu’s work to ensure we had the Tiana stateroom was exemplary.  Thank you so much.  It was a great 33rd-anniversary celebration for us.
John from Georgia

My wife and I have been working with Small World Vacations’ agent, Stephanie to book our first Disney cruise as a family. She has been super helpful, and responsive to our requests and questions. She has booked and rebooked our cruise all while traveling which speaks loads to her dedication to being an outstanding travel agent. I cannot recommend her enough. I will continue to refer my friends and family to Stephanie Page at Small World Vacations. Sincerely, Josh from North Carolina
Josh from North Carolina

I am writing this email to simply share how grateful my husband and I are for the help and support we got from Riley in planning our trip to Disney World.  It was the first time for both of us and we have a 7 & 8 year old daughter – so we didn’t even know where to start.  Riley’s responsiveness was outstanding and a little unbelievable at times – and we learned to count on it!  She would make herself available for calls and made sure we were aware and on top of all the deadlines for registrations or adding special items on (Genie +, etc.). Honestly – we might not have gone given how much there is to know in planning a trip like this – but she made it simply and clear so that when we got there we had nothing to worry about.  She was open about options for cost and locations and we felt like we had all the information needed to make the right decisions. I will continue to recommend Riley and will certainly reach back out should we plan another vacation with Disney!  We are so grateful!
Allison from New York

I would like to take this time to say, it has been a pleasure to work with Nikki at Small World Vacations.  She always goes above and beyond to help.   We had to cancel and reschedule a cruise due to Covid and Nikki was stellar.  She has earned our Disney business going forward. Tracy
Tracy from Colorado

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with my Small World Vacations’ travel agent, Jodie Ball. We have only just started using your company and have booked a cruise to Alaska and are about to book an Australian Sailing tomorrow via Jodie. She is fantastic! Couldn’t be happier. Thank you!
Wendy from Australia

Just wanted to send a huge kudos to Christine for being incredibly helpful, friendly, professional and responsive! Hope to have her plan many vacations for me and my family in the future!
Buck from California

I’m contacting you to compliment our travel agent, Brandi. She was very helpful when we first booked our cruise. However, her kindness and help when we had to cancel and rebook was way above expectations. She’s been so sweet and understanding.
Alisa from Texas

Alissa is wonderful! Knowledgeable, responsive, helpful, just great! Thank you Alissa.
Cat from Connecticut

Our cruise was amazing and we are so glad we took it. Leigh was fantastic in taking care of us. I’ll be reaching out to Leigh for future bookings. I appreciate Leigh’s care.
Felvio from Florida

I’m writing to let you know about the simply exceptional service I’ve received from the marvelous Marion Carlson over the past year. I found her via a Google search and approached her in May of 2021 to help me plan a Christmas trip to WDW to surprise my 7-year-old daughter, Alice.  Marion is amazing. She makes me feel like I am her only client, even though I know that couldn’t be further from the truth. She told me that she was thinking about me and Alice over Christmas, and I am certain that she was. Really, Marion basically IS Disney World. She is magic. I know we won’t go to WDW every year forever. And Alice won’t be this perfect WDW age forever. This is a special time in her childhood, and I’ll always be grateful to Marion for her help in giving our girl such a magical present after the terrible pandemic time (virtual school, quarantine, all of it). I am willing to bet I’m not the first of Marion’s clients writing to let you know how outstanding she is, and I’m certain I won’t be the last.
Lora from NY

Dear Small World Vacations, We wanted to express our gratitude for the work and customer service provided by Olivia in planning our 33rd trip to WDW. Typically, we do our own work. We generally call the Disney Travel Company speak a cast member and make arrangements. Then the follow up and monitoring of things ( read discounts here ) is on us. A. J. Wolf’s DFB has been a reliable source of information about all things Disney. She often references SWV for your customer service, attention to detail and long term monitoring of your plans. We contacted SWV and you’ve taken the add stress out our planning. This is where Olivia comes in. Her information is accurate, digestible and actionable. We can make decisions based on it knowing she has our interests in mind. Going forward we know she’ll monitor the plan for possible discounts that will enable us to move the reservation to a different resort. Her personality is such that can’t help but smile when speaking to her. Please express to Olivia our gratitude for her work. Now that we had the opportunity to work with Olivia she will be come part of our annual WDW planning. Thank you, Giovanna and Farrell
Giovanna and Farrell from New York

Greetings! I wanted to submit praise for the Small World Vacations’ travel agent I have been working with for the past several months –Brandi. She has done an amazing job helping me to plan out my Star Wars Galactic Cruiser vacation and my Disney World vacation!! She also has been incredibly informative of any changes or updates that I needed to be aware of to improve my vacation experience, made sure I got the reservations I wanted, and overall has been a joy to work with throughout the planning process!! I definitely will be referring others to her and will continue to connect with her for any future Disney trips!! She is the BEST!!!!
Michelle from Texas

Wendy – We wanted to send you a huge thank you! All 18 of us had such a wonderful and magical time at Disney and Universal and now have memories that will last us a lifetime. The rooms were all right next to each other on the first floor which was awesome. The Skyliner was just a few steps away, and is an amazing form of transportation. And, Universal turned into one of the funnest days thanks to all of your help. All of your support leading up to and during our vacation was indispensable. You are amazing Wendy!
Nate from Ohio

I have used Small World Vacations and Leigh McCarty for all our Disney Cruise booking and so thankful I dd for this latest cruise! This latest Cruise has been a challenging one with the Covid challenges, we are now on our 4th rebooking. Leigh has taken all the stress out of rebooking each time, has always be responsive and thorough…… so glad I have not had to deal with DCL directly. Thank you Leigh and SWV!
Mark from Virginia

Ella was absolutely wonderful. I can’t believe how quick she was to get back to us with options! She answered all of our questions thoroughly and we’ve booked a great vacation and are staying at the animal kingdom lodge! We’ve never stayed there, but had heard great things from so many people. She was also very helpful in explaining the current pass options as well and an absolute pro in guiding us on how to start booking dining reservations and park reservations. All around a perfect experience. Thank you again, and we are all SO excited for next month!
Jun and Steph from New Jersey

Life at times is measured by significant events. As my wife and I prepare to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next year we be wanted to take our entire family (10) on a Disney Cruise. Andrea Rollins from Small World Vacations has provided significant and above support making our dream come true. Andrea not only is a pleasure to work with but is a wonderful individual. Caring and knowledgeable on what Disney Cruise provided. Andrea’s attention to details and special needs exceeded our expectations. Andrea deserves a Magical Star. Words cannot express how lucky we are to have Andrea coordinate our dream vacation. Thank you Andrea!
Phil from New Jersey

Our family could not survive without Caylie! She has been helping us since 2012 with our Disney cruises and does an absolutely amazing job. She knows exactly what we want and does everything she can to book it for us. We are so thankful for her and I cannot imagine trying to navigate DCL without her!
Jessica from Florida

Tracy – I just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed the BEST vacation we have ever taken as a family! Thank you for all your help with our trip to Aulani in Hawaii!
Kristy from California

Meredith – Thank you SO MUCH! On behalf of my Family – We can’t imagine navigating this process without someone as helpful as you’ve been. Greatly appreciated.
Justin from New Jersey

I wanted to share the wonderful experience I had with Kathy Atchue. In summary, my wife and I made a last minute decision to go on a Disney Cruise last Friday (for a date scheduled in 10 days).  I emailed Kathy got an out-of-office with the contact of alternate agent  I reached out to the alternate. Instead, DURING HER VACATION, Kathy jumped at my request, and after a bunch of wrangling with Disney’s computer system, got us all taken care of.   During the time she should have been spending with her own family. This is not an anomaly, it is our fifth Disney cruise with y’all and Kathy has helped us in this manner on every occasion.  You probably know this already – you have a gem on your team!
Dave from Illinois

Lauren has booked all of our DCL cruises and does an amazing job.  She and the rest of the staff take care of everything.
Steve from Florida

I am so glad I came across the Small World Vacations site and even more grateful to have had Angela Dail as my travel agent! From day one, Angela answered all of my questions thoroughly and patiently. The past two years, she has navigated us through multiple trip rescheduling and adjustments to help us find exactly what we needed. Thanks to her help, my daughter and I were able to take the trip of our dreams on the Disney Fantasy and that’s exactly what it was! I have never experienced such amazing customer service, from the point of booking, to the entire Disney Cruise staff, to the concierge at Port Orleans resort and Animal Kingdom. Disney knows how to do things right – but above all else, Angela is a rock star. I would have booked next time on my own except for that Angela was such an amazing source of support from start to finish that I can’t honestly imagine booking a vacation without her guidance now. The extra touches like booking us in a Port Orleans (Princess and the Frog-themed) Resort because I was disappointed to lose the Tianna’s Place restaurant when we switched cruises and giving us great tips on the best times to get on rides in Animal Kingdom. She made every aspect of our trip better and I was able to stay calm even in a number of stressful situations, knowing that if something went sideways, I could always call Angela and she would help me. At the end of the day, a company cannot remain successful without stellar employees – be sure to hold on tight to Angela Dail! Thank you, Small World Vacations for taking such good care of us and helping our dreams come true!
Jonelle from Canada

I just wanted to give a shoutout to Small World Vacations’ agent, Olivia, who has been helping us plan a trip to Disney World with three of our grandkids in April. She has taken care of everything, providing us with a wealth of info and suggestions. We haven’t visited Disney in many years and so much has changed (especially the prices!) so we would not have been able to do all this without Olivia. She has been wonderful. Don’t ever lose her!
Ted from Connecticut

I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with my Small World Vacations agent, Melanie. She has gone above and beyond helping me plan my first Disney Cruise. I had tons of questions when she first helped me book years ago, and now she has had to rebook, and rebook again for me due to Covid. She has been so positive and helpful throughout the whole rescheduling mess. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in a Disney Cruise! She is simply the best!!
Ashley from Ohio

Angela – Our hotel is beyond our wildest dreams! You have made every dream come true. By having this experience I feel like everything I want is achievable and part of that was having you on our team❤️ Thank you!
Jonelle from Canada

My wife and I would like to commend Heather Garrett of your staff and the remarkable job she did for us planning and executing our Walt Disney World vacation. Both in terms of rapid response/accuracy/great attitude and the all-important font of information she was excellent. We have been to WDW multiple times under our own booking and consider ourselves fairly experienced as a result but many details have changed as a result of COVID and her expertise helped us to navigate those changes fluidly.  This was a very expensive retirement trip for us and all of our extended family so getting details right was important.  Travel plans had to be adjusted, re-adjusted, and re-re-adjusted multiple times.  One of our families missed one day at the park, one missed two days, and we missed three days of the 7 days originally booked.  Two of our families never made it and I can assure you that as we are now into planning the make-up trip for them that we will be utilizing Heather again. Heather worked overtime and ceaselessly to assist us in any way she could and she did not miss a beat. It is our personal opinion that you might refer to her in the future as Saint Heather.  She was that good
David and Roseanne from WA

Tracy – I want you to know how much I appreciate working with you on my family’s Walt Disney World vacation in March 2022.  You contacted me hours before Disney alerting me to their discount on rooms at selective resorts.  You were on point and proactive on my behalf.  This is my first time using Small World Vacations, and so far I am impressed with your attention to my vacation plans.
Maureen from California

Our week at Disney World was truly magical, and despite the Pandemic, perfectly seamless in large part due to Lisa Felix  at Small World Vacations. So glad we worked with her.
David from NJ

She got back to me so quickly,  and I have my answer! Fantastic customer service from Tracy!
Caroline from California

Riley, thank you so very much for all your valuable advice and the time you spent making reservations and many changes to some of those reservations as well.  You have made the process of booking Walt Disney World vacations so easy and seamless.  Thank you for all your efforts to ensure that we have the accommodations that we request.  Riley, you are simply amazing. We really appreciate all that you do for us.  Thank you for always making the time to be available to speak with us about Walt Disney World vacation trips.
Alfred from MA

I just wanted to say, over the last couple of weeks Carrie has been amazing helping me setup and plan my vacation. She’s been very open to answering all of my many questions, signed me up for extra services and kept in contact with me about everything. I had to come in a day late due to a delay and she called me on a Sunday to touch base. I greatly appreciate her and I wish there was more I could do to show it!
Hannah from Colorado

Hello Wendy!! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for making our entire trip so easy and smooth! You are the best and went above and beyond with us! We received nothing but the BEST customer service from you! Thank you so much! And if we ever plan another trip I hope I get you again!
Elsa and Alan from Texas

Want to send a short out for our agent, Jill. We got caught up in the Southwest disaster and she was able to rebook us. She was delightful.. We should all have employees like that.
Terry from Wisconsin

I just wanted to thank Carrie for help assisting me with my first trip to Disney World. She answered all my many questions, made me aware of discounts and secured them and let me know ahead of time when to book my dining plus she took care of my Boo Bash ticket!! I did a lot of researching plus the added benefit of DFB, I’m glad I went with Small World Vacations!! Sherelle
Sherelle Turner Mountain House California

Hi AJ! Just wanted to say thank you for these lovely newletters, vlogs, and recommendations. I used Small World Vacations, recommended through DFB and had the best experience with agent Julia and am looking forward to our 2022 Disney Cruise!
Breanna – A DFB fan

I wanted to write in and express my gratitude for my travel agent Lulu and her backup Angela. Both of these women have made my vacation planning process so easy! Lulu has taken care of all my Disney Cruises and has always worked to handle any requests I had. She responds quickly and does an amazing job – she has earned our business for life!!! Recently a Florida resident rate became available for our 10/9/21 sailing and while Lulu was on vacation, I reached out to her backup Angela. Angela did the legwork to see what the best option was for us to get the best deal and saved us $1000! We were able to take that money and put it towards the next cruise we were planning. We are simply elated with these two women and their customer service. They make vacation planning so easy, and I am always encouraging friends and family to work with them! They truly are gems!!
Steve from Florida

I just wanted to put in a rave review regarding Small World Vacations’ agent Amber Vaughan. We have worked with her for a number of years now. She is always quick to respond, very helpful in setting up our trips, & goes above and beyond what we expect. SHE IS AWESOME!
Michael from Virginia

I wanted to take a moment to share my sincere appreciation for our Small World Vacations’ agent, Kathy This is our fourth reservation with her, and due to current conditions the October 2021 cruise was no longer a viable option for our family. The window to modify our reservation fell during her vacation.  We cruise with two special needs kids, so we need special assistance with selecting our stateroom.  Kathy took time out of her vacation to help us modify to a later cruise date and to access the stateroom we needed. She is a gem and we are so appreciative of all she has done for us since first working with her in 2015
Kerin from Virginia

I just wanted to give a shout out to Small World Vacations’  agent, Tanya. I am beyond amazed at the level of customer service she provides. On two separate occasions she has taken care of our Disney Cruise reservations even though she was on vacation with her family.
Anthony from Utah

I just want to brag a little on our travel representative Heather Garrett! In a time that has been so uncertain, Heather went above and beyond to help us prepare for our upcoming vacation. She has been so amazing and deserves great praise!!! Thank you
Joan from Kentucky

Our travel agent Karen Nunn was assigned to us when we wanted to book our Walt Disney World vacation quite some time ago.  We asked so many questions due to Covid, we changed our mind so many times with our hotel choice, our ticket choices and had so many numerous questions we have emailed and called her about it was a lot for anyone to handle. I can tell you if our roles were reversed, I would have been aggravated and frustrated to say the least. Karen on the other hand was the most kind, thoughtful, considerate, patient travel agent I have ever used. I will never use anyone else but her. Karen is exceptional at what she does and her knowledge of Disney is second to none! She went out of her way to make our trip perfect.  I subscribe to the people that have recommended your company which is how I decided to obtain your service ( Disney Food Blog) So glad we did!
Angela from NY

Would love to give a giant shout out to Lauren (Lulu) at Small World Vacations. She is the best!!! Thank you Lauren for helping us have the best vacation with our daughter’s family at Disney World, Grand Floridian Resort last week!!!
Bernadette from Florida

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