Come Along with us on Emilie’s Fromage Montage at the 2023 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

This week we embarked on Emilie’s Fromage Montage at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. This fun “food stroll” is a tasty challenge to complete as you make your way around the festival.

If you’re hoping to complete Emile’s Fromage Montage on your visit to Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival, here are our top 5 tips we learned from our experience:

  1. Get your festival passport early! You don’t want to miss the chance to collect a stamp if you see a booth you want to try, and you can read about all of the festival offerings while waiting in line for a ride or attraction.
  2. Plan ahead! Check out all of the qualifying Fromage Montage menu items and plan out which ones you want to try. Then, look at the festival map and “plan your route” so you don’t have to backtrack between booths. The World Showcase can be deceptively big, afterall.
  3. Be adventurous! Emile’s Fromage Montage is a great way to push yourself to try new flavors or culinary creations based around one simple – yet versatile and oh-so-tasty – ingredient.
  4. Share! If you are trying to complete the whole Fromage Montage in one day, consider sharing one stamped passport (and the cheesy treats) across your party so you also have room to try the other incredible dishes the festival has to offer.
  5. Enjoy! Remember that you aren’t limited to just 5 Fromage Montage items! 

If you’re a cheese lover at heart, no one’s stopping you from sampling more of the yummy qualifying items – in fact, we have a feeling Emilie would encourage it! You just need 5 stamps to complete the challenge, but there’s no limit to the treats you can try at Epcot during this festival.

To participate, you’ll want to grab a festival passport from any of the booths or festival marketplaces. As you browse through the offerings, look for the little cheese icon next to several of the menu items. 🧀

HINT: The Fromage Montage stamp page is located in the back of the passport!

When you order one of these items from a festival booth, you’ll get a special stamp in your passport.

To complete the Fromage Montage, you just need to sample 5 of these yummy treats. Once you collect 5 stamps, you can bring your passport to the Shimmering Sips booth to claim your special redemption prize. 

SPOILER ALERT: Victory tastes SWEET!

Getting a reward for sampling a delicious array of cheesy goodness? Count us in!


To kick off our cheesy adventure, our first stop was to the India booth. You’ll find this one between China and Germany around the World Showcase.

The Curry-spiced crispy Cheese with mango-curry ketchup on this menu counts toward the Fromage Montage. It’s like an elevated, perfectly-spiced mozzarella stick! 

The texture was the perfect crisp outside and slightly-gooey inside. The curry seasoning is packed with flavor but compliments rather than overpowers the flavor of the cheese. We think this is a great dish to try for someone who wants to expand their flavor palette in the form of a familiar favorite finger food.


Next up we visited Spain. This booth is located between the Germany and Italy pavilions, and it’s a BIG winner this year.

The Fromage Montage item here is a Charcuterie in a Cup with a selection of imported Spanish meats, cheeses, olives, and an herbed serrano vinaigrette. 

The portion of Prosciutto, chorizo, and parmesan cheese was generous, and we were impressed by how much high-quality meat and cheese they packed into this adorable little cup. The herb vinaigrette was light and added a nice flavor to tie everything together. 

At only $6.50, this is a great deal for a more “sophisticated” treat that you could totally share! 

BONUS TIP: In addition to being part of the Fromage Montage, this is a great wheat/gluten free option for Guests looking for allergy-friendly festival offerings.


After taking a break to check out some of the incredible festival merch, we headed on around the World Showcase to Greece. This booth is located between Japan and Morocco.

The Fromage Montage item here was the Griddled Cheese with pistachios and honey, and it was DELICIOUS!!!

This dish is made with traditional kasseri cheese. Because of its semi-hard texture, the cheese softens but retains the cute wedge shape when the chefs put it on the griddle. The honey adds a perfect sweetness, and the griddling technique gives this treat’s exterior a texture and taste we thought resembled a delectable creme brulee. As if it couldn’t get better, the pistachios add a crunch and nutty flavor that brings the whole dish together.

Overall, this is one of the yummiest dishes at the festival and a MUST TRY if you’re embarking on Emilie’s Fromage Montage!


Guests didn’t seem deterred one bit by the warm Florida weather when it came to Canada’s heartier offerings, and that included the booth’s famous Canadian Cheddar and Bacon Soup served with a pretzel roll. 

This soup is everything you want it to be: the cheddar is sharp and flavorful, and the bacon adds a smoky flavor that makes this dish way more than your average cheese soup from the grocery store. The pretzel roll is a great accompaniment and perfect for dipping.

The portion size of this soup is perfect for sampling as you make your way around the world – we just wish there was a way to order a big BARREL of it to take home. 

While swoon-worthy in any season, this dish will hit the spot even more in the later months of the Festival as temperatures cool and we start craving those cozy autumn soups.

The Alps

To finish out our cheese tour, we figured there was no better place to head than to The Alps. 

We opted to try the Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with baby potatoes, cornichons, and baguette. You can also get this dish with shaved ham.

The cheese here is truly the star of the show: the chefs even cut the slices off of full-sized wheels right in front of you!  The deliciously savory Raclette cheese used in both dishes is the main ingredient in authentic Swiss fondue, and the first bite brought us right back to the streets of Zurich. 

While Raclette is a more unique variety of cheese and may be newer to some Guests, its accessible and crowd-pleasing flavor is sure to be a hit the spot with just about anyone who loves a savory cheese.

BONUS TIP: The sweet dish at the Alps booth is brand-new this year – and it is delicious! The dark chocolate fondue comes with berries, pound cake, and meringue. We thought this one was totally shareable and the perfect sweet pairing with the cheese-forward savory dishes at The Alps.

Redemption Prize

We did it! Having collected all 5 of the stamps we needed to complete the Fromage Montage, we headed to the prize redemption window at the Shimmering Sips booth.

Here, we presented our completed passport, got our official completion stamp, and collected our deliciously sweet reward.

The Emile’s Fromage Montage Redemption Prize is a Strawberry-Cheesecake Swirl Dole Whip topped with a mini cheesecake and graham cracker crumble. It comes in an adorable little souvenir cup that you can take home to remember your accomplishment.

This was the perfect way to close out our cheese tour!

Thanks for coming along with us on this “cheesy,” fun-filled adventure!

Stay tuned to our Spoonful of Magic blog for updates throughout the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and all of exciting happenings all throughout Walt Disney World over the next few months.

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