Disney Cruise Line Reminder: Bringing Items Onboard

In an effort to maintain a high level of safety for all, some items are prohibited from being brought onboard any of our ships and on Castaway Cay.  

As a reminder, if you attempt to bring any items classified as a “Prohibited Item” onboard, Disney Cruise Line reserves the right to seize and secure any item deemed to be dangerous or pose a security or safety risk.  

The following are some examples of prohibited items:  


  • Refrain from bringing toys or props that resemble guns, knives or other related implements, as these items may not be brought onboard.   
  • Store-bought collapsible lightsabers may be brought onboard. You will not be allowed to bring homemade lightsabers onboard.  
  • Lightsabers built at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are not collapsible and, therefore, may not be brought onboard. 
  • Plastic toy ‘pirate’ swords may be brought onboard. Plastic toy swords are also sold in the merchandise shops onboard. 
  • Plastic store-bought toy “Mjolnir” hammers (Thor’s hammer) may be brought onboard.  
  • Loki’s scepter (staff) and/or Hawkeye’s bow and arrow may not be brought onboard. 
  • Black Panther claws/gloves with claws may not be brought onboard.  

Food Items 

  • Homemade or pre-cooked food items, open snack containers or any other perishable items cannot be brought onboard any Disney Cruise Line ship. Limitations on permitted food items are directly related to concerns for food safety and contamination prevention. 
  • Non-perishable, government approved snack food items may be brought onboard in their sealed, original packaging. These items may also be taken off the ship in the different ports of call, as well as when disembarking at the end of the cruise. 
  • Open bags or containers of snack items may not be taken off the ship or brought back onboard. You must either consume or throw away open snack food items before re-boarding the ship in any port of call.  

Sports Equipment 

  • The below equipment (and other similar items) may not be brought onboard or on Castaway Cay because of safety concerns:   
  • Archery equipment 
  • Baseball and cricket bats  
  • Baton 
  • Fishing gear 
  • Hammocks 
  • Hiking or trekking sticks 
  • Hockey and lacrosse sticks 
  • Oar or kayak paddles (including collapsible paddles) 
  • Pool cues 
  • Raquetball 
  • Ski poles