Inside Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, New Critters Revealed

Guests should get ready to clap their hands, paws, or anything else they’ve got, because today we’re digging a little deeper! It’s time to reveal the last batch of musicians hoping to hit the big time at Tiana’s celebration during Mardi Gras season! We’re almost there for the summer opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom Park, and later this year at Disneyland.

The musical tapestry of New Orleans is woven with traditions and voices from all over the world. We’ve gotten a sneak peek at critters who play Zydeco music, and critters who perform Rara music, and now it’s time to introduce guests to critters who bring the jazzy sounds and complex rhythms of Afro-Cuban music to life in the bayou.

Felipe the Frog – Deep among the cypress trees, guests will hear band leader Felipe making musical magic on the piano! Felipe is also the proprietor of an exclusive bayou night club, where the local fireflies love to dance the night away to a musical recipe of hot rhythms and spicy melodies. He’s an old-school family guy, especially to his “family” in the band.

Mayra the Frog – Have guests ever seen a frog play a flower blossom like a trumpet? They will when they meet Mayra; guests should be sure to stick around for one of her toe-tapping solos. Mayra’s the most ambitious of the four frogs and has been practicing her instrument since she was just a tadpole!

Mondo the Frog – Mondo is a natural on the conga drums, which he made as a happy accident when his favorite bottle cap got stuck on his second-favorite acorn. From there, the rhythm in Mondo’s soul took over! He’s very copacetic and accepts what comes, a trait as steady and reliable as his drumbeat.

Isabel the Green Tree Frog – Learning from Mondo’s example, Isabel loves getting lost in the music playing her congas. She’s the youngest member of the group, and there’s nothing she loves more than “going with the flow” and getting to play drums all night long!

From Zydeco to Rara to Afro-Cuban jazz, guests will hear all kinds of musical flavors from critters big and small around the bayou, just like they would walking the streets of the French Quarter in the Crescent City. Of course, not everyonethey’ll meet in the attraction is a musician – among others are a couple of amphibious friends who love to sit back, relax, and catch up on all the gossip from around the bayou. Gloria and Delores the frogs are best friends who love to observe folks as they float in logs down the bayou. Guests shouldn’t be surprised if they keep their watchful eyes on them as they float by.

Also, guests can keep an eye out for Lari the armadillo. This mischievous fella, while quiet in demeanor, seems to always show up where least expected. We hear he has a habit of “borrowing” things that aren’t his (although those things eventually make it into the right “paws”).

Speaking of critters big and small, guests will meet them throughout the attraction, and some really are … big, with an even bigger personality.

Just like Tiana said, we’re getting closer and closer every day with progress on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. We hope guests are looking forward to joining these musicians down in the bayou!

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