Latest Updates from the Disney Treasure: First Look at Progress on the Upper Decks

Welcome to the official ship’s log for the Disney Treasure! Follow along for an exclusive look into the complex ship building process as we document all the important milestones of the Disney Treasure’s journey. The Disney Treasure’s story began with the start of construction in January of 2023 and has continued to evolve ever since. Return here for the latest developments in the Disney Treasure’s progress as the world patiently waits for Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship to officially set sail in 2024. The adventure is just beginning!

Greetings from Papenburg, Germany at the Meyer Werft shipyard, where the upper decks of the Disney Treasure are quickly becoming a destination for future family adventures. Construction is well underway on decks 11 and 12! The latest progress photo shows how the foundations for one of the six different pools have been inlaid into an elevated platform. Overhead, the forward funnel is awaiting the installation of Funnel Vision, a jumbo LED display that will show countless hours of favorite Disney movies for lounging guests to enjoy. The centrally located funnel vision stage is also taking shape, readying to host a variety performances and onboard activities. Eagle-eyed fans may catch that the tubing for the ship’s 760-foot long AquaMouse attraction is near completion. Disney Cruise Line’s family water attraction at sea will soon wind above the Disney Treasure and debut a brand-new show, “Curse of the Golden Egg.” With so many construction milestones on the near horizon, the team is hard at work to get the Disney Treasure in “ship shape” ahead of its maiden voyage later this year!

A brand-new “Guardians of the Galaxy” dinner show is debuting at Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Treasure!

Following the structural completion milestone of the Disney Treasure in December 2023, the team in Papenburg, Germany has been focused on building out the interior spaces of the ship. This work includes preparations to bring Disney Cruise Line’s immersive Marvel-themed dining experience, Worlds of Marvel, to the Disney Treasure. In light of the progress being made, Ship’s Log readers are among the first to learn about a the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” dinner show coming to Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Treasure titled, “Marvel Celebration of Heroes: Groot Remix.”

The story will follow Groot as he brings guests along for on an on-screen quest to throw the ultimate surprise party for his friend, Rocket. All the while, diners will eat to the beat of an “awesome mix” of hit songs and can test their knowledge of the Marvel universe with trivia for the whole family. The new show will be offered to guests during one of two distinct nights at Worlds of Marvel, where they will also experience “Avengers: Quantum Encounter,” which first premiered on the Disney Wish.

There are so many incredible Imagineers and cast members who have been working behind the scenes to ensure every detail on the Disney Treasure will be perfect for future guests. Among them is Lina Barr, a senior concept designer whose role on the project is to create custom artwork that will outfit the signature venues on Disney Cruise Line’s growing fleet. Those who have sailed on the Disney Wish, you’ve already experienced a sample of Lina’s incredible work. The photos above show Lina in her office, where she is currently in the process of finalizing several new pieces for the Disney Treasure, along with a sneak peek at some of the artwork she is working on.

Lina shared a little bit about her creative process with us … It begins with a conversation with the Walt Disney Imagineering team, where she learns about the theming of each venue planned for the Disney Treasure, whether that be the Agrabah-inspired Grand Hall or the Jungle Cruise-inspired lounge, Skipper Society. This is not your typical meeting, but instead a true, collaborative brainstorm between artist and interior designer. These conversations empower Lina to develop dynamic artwork that will complement each space onboard. She leans into the inspiration for each venue to create a rough sketch on her computer to start, later adding color and details.

The magic is so often in the small details that Lina imbues in her pieces, from hidden Mickeys to other story-driven Easter eggs that future guests can discover during their voyage. After a project is completed, Lina loves watching guests react to her designs as they encounter secret storytelling that only true Disney fans would notice.

First announced during the Grand Reveal of the Disney Treasure last year, Jumbeaux’s Sweets is a fanciful new dessert destination set to debut onboard the ship later this year.

How does a space go from concept to reality? It’s all in the details! And Jumbeaux’s Sweets, which will draw inspiration from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Academy Award®-winning “Zootopia,” is just one example of how Disney Imagineers are collaborating with Disney Animation to turn beloved Disney stories into real-life experiences at sea onboard the Disney Treasure.

From the precise shade of bubblegum pink-striped wallpaper to the vintage-style light fixtures, each décor element inside Jumbeaux’s Sweets was thoughtfully chosen by Imagineers to transport future Disney Cruise Line guests into the colorful world of Zootopia. The venue’s central design feature will be an eye-catching statue of the film’s unlikely crime-solving duo, Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

The statue-building process began with sketched designs and a collaboration between Imagineers and the Walt Disney Animation team to create a one-of-a-kind digital model of the piece. The precise measurements from the digital model were used to cast the statue in bronze. Finally, the statue was transported to Florida to be painted.

Jay Abruzzese can be seen adding the finishing touches to both characters. Soon the statue will be ready to be installed inside Jumbeaux’s Sweets and complete the vision Imagineers dreamed up long ago for the venue.

A few weeks ago, Meyer Werft Shipyard was bustling with activity when the Disney Treasure was set afloat for the first time. Water from the Ems River was pumped into the building dock where the ship is being constructed, lifting the hull from the floor of the chamber. The shipyard team was then able to guide the Disney Treasure to a new location, where it will undergo the next phase of construction.

Why was the Disney Treasure moved? The team needed to make room for the Disney Destiny the sister ship to the Disney Wish and the Disney Treasure! This milestone is an exciting moment for everyone at Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney Imagineering, signifying continued progress on the Disney Treasure and celebrating the ongoing expansion of the fleet. The Disney Treasure and the Disney Destiny will soon be next to each other in the shipyard, marking an unprecedented era of growth for Disney Cruise Line.

A new sculpture, bound for the Haunted Mansion Parlor onboard the Disney Treasure, is being crafted at a dedicated Walt Disney Imagineering workshop at Walt Disney World Resort. Who inspired this mysterious bust? The sculpture was modeled in the image of the famed Disney Legend, Rolly Crump. And the fact that today is Rolly’s birthday makes this Ship’s Log reveal all the more special as the world remembers him and his many contributions to Disney Parks.

Nicknamed “Rolly” by Walt Disney himself, ­ during the early days of the company and played an integral role in designing the original Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Resort. Six decades later, the Haunted Mansion Parlor will unlock the next chapter of the Haunted Mansion saga for Disney Cruise Line guests. The venue will be imbued with Crump’s unique brand of humor and is a proud continuation of his legacy, celebrating the weird and the fantastical.

Part of Rolly’s larger creative concept for a “Museum of the Weird” in the Haunted Mansion, his original vision included a character that appeared to be melting like a candle. It was only fitting for the design for Rolly’s memorial bust to stem from his own ideas, which led to the sculpted drips on the side of his face and a memorial plaque that reads, “BROTHER ROLAND- FOREVER REVERED FOR EMBRACING THE WEIRD.” When the Disney Treasure sets sail, Rolly Crump’s statue will have a place of honor within the Haunted Mansion Parlor.

It’s a new year with new progress being made on the Disney Treasure at Meyer Werft Shipyard in Papenburg Germany. Last April, we revealed the Disney Treasure bow artwork. The whimsical design, which features Captain Minnie Mouse in her signature adventure-themed outfit, has now taken shape on the hull of the Disney Treasure. In step with the existing Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Treasure continues a two-decades-long tradition of carrying a unique character-inspired art piece on its bow. Its completion marks an exciting milestone for the Disney Treasure as it begins the next stage of construction. The installation process began when the shipyard team welded a number of pre-cut steel plates to the Disney Treasure’s hull. Once the framework of the design had been secured, the plates were painted by hand to obtain their iconic golden hue and sealed with a special topcoat. The artwork is just one of the many details that will distinguish the Disney Treasure when it sets sail later this year!

The Disney Treasure has reached yet another milestone in construction – the completion of its last block! In case you’re not familiar with this maritime milestone, it’s important to know that cruise ships are built in blocks (sections). With the last block in place, this means that the ship is now structurally complete and outfitting work can begin.

The last block on the Disney Treasure will eventually house areas such as the adults-only Quiet Cove area (including Cove Café) and Hero Zone, a futuristic sports arena where physical activity blends with imagination, offering highly produced show experiences in addition to free-play sports.

With this latest milestone reached, the Disney Treasure can now move towards completion of its interior.

The holidays are quickly approaching, but construction of the Disney Treasure hasn’t slowed down at Meyer Werft Shipyard in Germany. In fact, a lot of progress has taken place in recent weeks, including lifting of the forward and aft funnels to their rightful place atop the ship. Complete with a coat of primer paint, the icons that are known across the entire fleet have officially found their new home, bringing the Disney Treasure one step closer to completion.

Of course, the funnels on the Disney Treasure aren’t just for looks – guests will also be able to plunge through the forward funnel while riding the AquaMouse, Disney’s attraction at sea, or even stay inside the funnel in the two-story EPCOT-themed Tomorrow Tower Suite!


In this special entry of the Ship’s Log, you’re invited to read a letter from a ghostly captain, who will call The Haunted Mansion Parlor on board the Disney Treasure home. The Haunted Mansion Parlor will be the world’s first bar themed to the classic Disney Parks attraction, the Haunted Mansion. Read on for a message from our new favorite happy haunt …

To the reader of this letter, welcome.

I have always loved the sea. As soon as I learned to walk, I toddled right into the ocean. In my later years, I served proudly as Captain of a luxurious ocean liner, every voyage its own adventure.

In fact, my fiancé and I were to be wed at sea, a celebration of my two greatest loves. But alas, it was not to be. My untimely demise saw to that.

In life, I treasured my private parlor, where I often entertained passengers and guests. I cannot enjoy it the way I did before—but mind you, I do still enjoy it.

I hope you will visit. In my parlor, all guests—dear or departed, invited or otherwise—are welcome.


The Captain

NEW – In December 2024, the curtain will open on a brand-new original Broadway-style production on the Disney Treasure. Joining a dazzling lineup of fan-favorite shows including “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventure,” will be none other than “Disney The Tale of Moana.” Debuting exclusively at the Walt Disney Theatre onboard the Disney Treasure, “Disney The Tale of Moana” will bring the adventurous journey of Moana, inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios film, to center stage for the first time. The show will follow Moana as she embarks on an incredible journey to save her island after she is chosen by the ocean to restore the heart of Te Fiti. Fans of the original film will recognize many beloved characters like Gramma Tala, Maui and Tamatoa when they appear on stage, as well as songs from the film’s iconic soundtrack.

More about this imaginative, one-of-a-kind show will be announced at a later date.

NEW – After traveling all the way from Poland, the Disney Treasure’s forward funnel has arrived at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany! The funnel will soon be secured in its rightful place atop the Disney Treasure and will be given a coat of shiny red paint to match the iconic Disney Cruise Line look. When the first guests set sail onboard the Disney Treasure in December of 2024, they will be able to plunge through the forward funnel while riding Disney Cruise Line’s beloved attraction at sea, the AquaMouse and watch their favorite Disney movies via the Funnel Vision screen by the family pool. Some guests may even choose to stay inside the forward funnel’s EPCOT-themed Tomorrow Tower Suite!

Today was a monumental day for all the Disney Cruise Line fans, cast members, crew members and Disney Imagineers who are eagerly waiting for the Disney Treasure to set sail in December 2024. This morning, Disney Cruise Line revealed all-new spaces that will debut on the Disney Treasure with the help of Arthur Quinn, a self-proclaimed solo adventurer who stumbled across a magical treasure map while rummaging through his grandmother’s study. With the help of fast-forward magic, Arthur was transported to the Disney Treasure, where he discovered the many exciting experiences and new stories that guests will encounter onboard. At the end of his journey, Arthur made the most important discovery of all – the true meaning of the ship’s name. The name, the Disney Treasure, represents something much more valuable than jewels or gold. The true treasure that awaits every adventurer lies in the memories made during their journey.


This Disney Treasure update is coming to you from sunny Celebration, Florida, the headquarters for Disney Cruise Line. Today, the Disney Cruise Line team is thrilled to be debuting an image of the ship’s stern for the very first time! For 25 years, each Disney Cruise Line ship has been adorned with characters from beloved Disney adventures. The Disney Treasure will follow this tradition with its own signature character sculptures that honor the ship’s motif of adventure, Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Harnessing the power of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Peter Pan will levitate next to the Disney Treasure to add the finishing touch to the ship’s stern filigree. Meanwhile, Peter Pan’s longtime rival, Captain Hook can be seen leaning out a porthole with a vengeful expression on his face. Paintbrush and paint bucket in hand, Peter Pan sports a mischievous grin as he glances back at Captain Hook, who is dripping in yellow paint.

With the installment of the bridge block, the Disney Treasure now has everything it needs to sail through waterways around the world. The bridge block contains important navigational equipment for the ship, including the wheel! The future captain and their crew will be able to control the ship’s direction and speed from an onboard command center that looks out towards the horizon with floor to ceiling windows. This exciting update means we are one step closer to the day when the Disney Treasure will transport guests to beautiful destinations and explore the globe.

The Disney Treasure will continue the Disney Cruise Line tradition of bringing Broadway-style stage shows across the globe in a grand entertainment venue fit for original Disney musicals. However, before the curtain rises and performers dazzle future Disney Cruise Line guests, the Disney Imagineers and crew at Meyer Werft shipyard must weld what will someday become The Walt Disney Theatre to the Disney Treasure. It’s exciting to think that this space will soon be filled with Disney tunes and the heartwarming stories of favorite Disney adventurers!

Marvelous progress is taking place at Meyer Werft shipyard as the bow of the Disney Treasure was mounted to the forward section of the ship. This photo illustrates how the shipyard team carefully installs the bow block using a crane. The bow block was held in position with the help of a high-precision laser scanner until it was fully welded to the foreship. As the Disney Treasure takes form, this moment marks the first time that the iconic silhouette of the ship can be recognized. As with all ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Treasure takes its inspiration from classic ocean liners of the early 20th century with a modern flair.

The bow of the Disney Treasure has made its way to Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, having arrived aboard a barge with the aid of a helpful towboat. This photo showcases a first step in the installation process for the ship’s bow filigree, which is being protected by a large tarp. The outline of the design has already been sketched out in red ink on the ship’s surface and will be completed at a later point in the construction process.

Each ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet has its own distinct, elegant piece of artwork embossed on its bow. Revealing the unique designs created for the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy and the Disney Wish marked a memorable moment for each vessel during its construction and the Disney Treasure is no different. Disney Cruise Line debuted the Disney Treasure’s captivating bow filigree for the first time. The design features a portrait of Minnie Mouse wearing her brand-new, adventure-ready ensemble as well as some hidden silhouettes of other beloved characters. Voyager Minnie’s look was designed especially for the Disney Treasure to complement its motif of adventure. Later on in the construction process, this artwork will be installed onto the bow of the ship for all to enjoy.

The weather in Germany may have been rainy, but spirits were high thanks to the completion of another maritime milestone for the Disney Treasure – the Keel Laying Ceremony. As a part of the ceremony, a newly minted coin is placed under the keel of the ship to foster good fortune for the ship and its crew in the years to come. Just like the steel cutting ceremony, keel laying traditions date back to the times of wooden ships. The coin itself is quite unique and depicts a carved portrait of Captain Minnie Mouse, sporting a fashionable new adventure outfit designed for the new ship.

The Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany received a very exciting delivery from Rostock, Germany– the Disney Treasure’s Floating Engine Room Unit! The Floating Engine Room Unit, sometimes called a FERU for short, is a critical piece when it comes to building the Disney Treasure. Upon the ship’s completion, the FERU will serve as the main source of power, housing the main motors and liquified natural gas tanks. The FERU is also where all the auxiliary machinery needed for cooling water, fuel, air supply and other essential support systems will be kept. The above picture shows the FERU during its journey from Denmark!

Another day at Meyer Werft shipyard, means they’re another step closer to completing the Disney Treasure. One way to recognize a Disney Cruise Line vessel is to look for the iconic red funnels standing proudly on the top deck. The Disney Treasure will follow the sleek, classic aesthetic of all Disney Cruise Line ships that have come before it, meaning it will continue upholding the tradition of featuring the eye-catching funnels. The second funnel has arrived at the shipyard from Poland. Pretty soon, it will receive a coat of bright red paint and be installed on the ship. It’s a thrilling time for the Disney Treasure as more and more pieces of the ship arrive.

The team at the Meyer Werft shipyard cut the first piece of steel for the Disney Treasure. Sparks were flying as a special machine called a plasma cutter, which is housed within the yard’s laser cutting room, was used to cut the steel in the shape of a Disney cruise ship. The ceremony was a huge milestone for the Disney Imagineers and crew building the Disney Treasure, marking the official start of construction.

One thing that makes this steel cutting ceremony so meaningful is it’s a continuation of a longtime maritime tradition. Ship builders have been honoring the beginning of the construction process for hundreds of years and it’s worth noting that even though the way ships are built has changed and steel has come to replace wooden materials, the spirit of the tradition lives on.