National Geographic Expeditions Announces New and Returning Private Jet Trips in 2025

National Geographic Expeditions has announced new and fan-favorite Private Jet itineraries returning in 2025. On a Private Jet trip, guests will discover even more of the world, exploring far-flung destinations with unprecedented access, world-class accommodations and exceptional service. Along the way, guests are accompanied by National Geographic Experts who enrich the experience with a wealth of knowledge and insight about the peoples and places guests visit.

Bookings for the following 2025 Private Jet departures open today, March 12, 2024, for all guests.

NEW! The Silk Road by Private Jet, departing May 21 – June 12, 2025

Journey along the famous Silk Road, once a major network of trade routes that connected east and west Eurasia, and spanned 4,000 miles (6,400 km). Over the course of this amazing 23 day trip, guests will visit cities along the Silk Road in Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Portugal. Guests will be immersed in the people, cultures, and history of each destination.

NEW! Wildlife and Wonders of Africa by Private Jet, departing May 2 – 22, 2025

Immerse in the natural beauty, incredible wildlife and fascinating cultures of the African continent on an epic adventure spanning the west to east coasts. Marvel at Morocco’s remarkable madrasas, visit Ghana’s national independence monuments and explore Egypt’s ancient ruins. Walk along white-sand beaches on the island of Mauritius and tour the staggering Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia. Spend several days on safari amid the wilds of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in search of the Big Five—lions, leopards, elephants, African buffalo and rhinos. As guest’s travel, they’ll share in the cuisine, music and dance unique to these rich cultures.

NEW! Cultural Crossroads of the World by Private Jet, departing May 29 – June 19, 2025

Discover timeless traditions at the crossroads of European and Asian cultures—from Spain to Samarkand and beyond. Trace history in Budapest’s remarkable architecture, explore the ancient ruins of once-powerful civilizations in Sri Lanka and immerse in the lifestyle of Mongolia’s desert nomads. Stroll through Zanzibar’s bustling bazaars and attend a sacred ceremony alongside a priest of Voodoo in Benin. Along the way, experience the cuisine, music and dance that define these rich cultures.

A Northern Odyssey: Around the World by Private Jet, departing June 23 – July 14, 2025

Circle the Northern Hemisphere by private jet, exploring rich cultures from Kyoto to Kraków and frontier communities from Mongolia to the Faroe Islands. Experience the desert landscapes of the Gobi and watch for whales among the ice floes of Svalbard. Discover the mosaic-covered mosques of Samarkand, as well as Taxim Square—the Times Square of Istanbul. Visit Edinburgh’s medieval castle, tour 700-year-old salt mines in Poland and much more. With a variety of excursions in each destination, guests will encounter culinary, musical and artistic traditions across the globe.

Around the World by Private Jet

Embark on a 24-day globe-trotting expedition featuring 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites, from Easter Island to the Great Barrier Reef, alongside a team of National Geographic Experts. Gain insight into local cultures as guests meet a master Andean weaver who has helped revive traditional weaving practices throughout Peru or encounter members of the local Bedouin community in Jordan and learn about their daily lives. Along the way, visit with National Geographic Explorers and grantees in the field and learn about their groundbreaking research in marine biology, anthropology, archaeology, and paleontology.

Around the World by Private Jet will have four new departures available in 2025 and 2026, in addition to three previously announced departures:

  • Jan. 26 – Feb. 18, 2025 (previously announced)
  • Feb.  23 – March 18, 2025 (previously announced)
  • March 23 – April 15, 2025 (previously announced)
  • March 6 – 29, 2025 – NEW
  • Sept. 28 – Oct. 21, 2025 – NEW
  • Oct. 30 – Nov. 22, 2025 – NEW
  • Jan. 1 – 24, 2026 – NEW

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