Remy’s Hide & Squeak Scavenger Hunt at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2023


Remy’s Hide & Squeak Scavenger Hunt gives you the chance to search for this beloved rat as he ventures around EPCOT to collect the ingredients for his signature dish, Ratatouille.

Your job is to find figurines of Remy holding each of the ingredients. As you find Remy with each ingredient throughout the Festival, place the corresponding sticker on the map over the spot for that location.

This is essentially a self-guided scavenger hunt around EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival, and it’s so much fun!

Once you find all the ingredients (and all the Remys), you can bring it to a select location to receive a prize!

Before you set out on your search, pick up a scavenger hunt kit at several locations throughout the park: 

  • Creations
  • Disney Traders
  • Port of Entry
  • World Traveler
  • Festival merchandise booths around the World Showcase

The kit costs $9.99, plus tax, and you get to keep your souvenir map AND your special prize at the end.

This is a great, affordable activity to enhance your time at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival!


  • Get your map early

It can take some time to make your way all around the Festival, which means you’ll want to get your map early so you don’t miss a chance to spot a Remy and add a sticker. This will save you from having to backtrack later!

  • You don’t have to go in order

You can add stickers in whatever order you find the ingredients, so don’t worry about going in order. However, you may find that going in order is most efficient and fun! 

  • You don’t have to do the whole thing in one go

Not only do you not have to go in order, but you also don’t have to do the whole scavenger hunt at once. You can totally break it up throughout the day. 

Or, if you’ll be in EPCOT more than once throughout your trip, you can even consider breaking up the hunt across multiple days to make sure you save time to experience all of the other incredible things this park has to offer.

  • You can get your prize early

Disney really isn’t stressed about the “rules” of this scavenger hunt: it’s supposed to be FUN, after all. That means that you can claim your prize even if you don’t quite fill in all of the ingredients. 

You can even get your prize right when you pick up your map if you don’t want to risk running out of time or stamina later on. 

  • Remy isn’t necessarily right on the Festival booths… but he might be

Our rambunctious rat friend loves the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival Marketplaces, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always find him on or around the booths themselves. For the map locations part of a World Showcase pavilion, you may need to venture further back into the Pavillion (but remember, still always OUTSIDE) to find Remy. 

It’s always a good idea to start by checking the booth tied to that location, though, as Remy often can’t seem to avoid the dreamy smells that waft from their windows.

  • All of the Remys are outside

You don’t have to go indoors to find any of the figurines, although we totally recommend popping your head inside the shops and attractions in each pavilion as you make your way around the World Showcase to see the incredible cultural exhibits and authentic souvenirs they have to offer.

  • Remember to look up AND down

Remy might be above, below, or right in front of you. If you have a little one (or if you’re like us and just really short), remind everyone in your group to look up AND down when searching for Remy and his ingredients.

  • Finding Remy is easier before it gets dark

Spotting this little guy gets a lot trickier after the sun sets, so try to find as many ingredients as you can while there’s still some light out. 

That said, remember to hydrate and take breaks in the shade. While the sunlight is helpful to spot Remy, it can also come with some serious HEAT in the middle of the afternoon.

  • Explore the World Showcase while you search

We recommend using the scavenger hunt as a reason to explore the World Showcase pavilions and try treats from the festival booths.

EPCOT’s World Showcase really is an extraordinary experience for kids and adults alike. Remy’s Hide and Squeak is a great way to encourage your group to venture deeper into the pavilions and check out their incredible designs. 

Remember to poke into the shops or take a break to try treats from the Festival booths as you make your way through the scavenger hunt! This will keep you cool (thank you, gift shop AC) and make sure that you stay fueled up to enjoy all that the International Food & Wine Festival has to offer.

  • HAVE FUN and do what works best for you and your family

We totally recommend this activity, especially for families with multiple days to experience the Food & Wine Festival or Guests looking to try something new at EPCOT. However, we also know that Guests with limited time to experience the Festival or other top priorities at EPCOT might find that they’d rather skip it this year, and that’s totally ok. 

It’s also totally fine to grab the map, see how many ingredients you can collect, and then bail halfway if it gets to be too much walking or if your kiddo would rather take another ride Frozen Ever After than keep searching for Remy. Just remember that you can STILL pop into a redemption location to claim your prize even if you didn’t complete the whole map!

Like most things at Disney, it’s all about choosing what’s best (and most fun) for you and your family!



We kicked off our Hide & Squeak adventure by picking up our map at Disney Traders.


We then started off around the world by making our way to Mexico.

In Mexico, Remy is holding Squash on top of the entrance to La Cantina de San Angel (the quick service restaurant). 

Guests often think Remy will be closer to the Festival booth or the pyramid, so while he’s relatively easy to spot here, this one can be sneaky.



In China, Remy is pretty easy to spot holding the Pepper Shaker on top of the China Festival Marketplace. 



Remy is holding the Garlic Gloves perched atop the India Festival Marketplace for this booth-only location.


Refreshment Outpost

We STRUGGLED with this sneaky spot! Instead of hanging out on or under the Refreshment Outpost stand like we expected, Remy is actually hiding out on a large rock ACROSS the path. 

You’ll want to face toward World Showcase Lagoon with your back to the Outpost itself to spot him here. He’s holding the Balsamic Vinegar and looking pretty pleased with himself for tricking us.


We didn’t see Remy up at the front of this country or at the Festival Booth, so we ventured further into the Germany Pavilion. Sure enough, we found Remy on the balcony of the Kunstarbeit in Kristall store holding Olive Oil.



Once again, Italy didn’t make it easy on us. We had to go all the way back to Via Napoli (the yummy restaurant in the Pavilion known for its pizza) to find Remy on the ledge above the entrance. We didn’t mind, though, seeing as you can usually catch a whiff of the delectable woodfired pizzas coming from the restaurant. Fittingly, Remy is holding a Tomato here in Italy.



Remy couldn’t seem to pass up the brand new items on the menu for America at the Food & Wine Festival this year. We found him smack in the middle of the Flavors of America Festival Marketplace holding some yummy Bell Peppers.



Remy threw us for a loop again (literally) in Japan. We wandered around the gardens and back through the fun-filled shopping area before spotting our friend hiding in the water feature near the entrance to Katsura Grill. We spotted him in this inconspicuous spot holding Zucchini.

Even though it required a few extra steps, we were thrilled that Remy popped up near one of our favorite hidden-gem locations in Epcot: right on the way up to Katsura Grill nestled behind the main Pagoda, there are a whole bunch of shady tables where you can enjoy a snack – or even camp out and take a break for a while. 



While this Festival Marketplace is technically inside, it’s important to remember that Remy will always be outside. We scanned all around near the entrance before finding Remy way up high on the awning of the outdoor seating at Tangierine Cafe, where he was holding the Salt and Pepper shaker!



Brazil was a relatively easy one: we found Remy perched right on top of the Brazil Festival Marketplace holding Onions.



France is a big reminder that you’ll need to scan up AND DOWN when searching for Remy. The buildings in this pavilion are beautiful and worth a look up to admire, but we ultimately found Remy hiding in the garden maze near the Festival booth. He’s holding Eggplant here in his home country.

Make sure to add your stickers in their corresponding spot as you find each Remy!



Canada is a tough one for two main reasons: First, Remy isn’t really near the Festival booth at all, which can be misleading. Second, the Canada Pavilion is currently under construction, which makes this location a little less intuitive (we’ll keep you updated as this construction hopefully wraps up soon and the rest of the pavilion reopens).

However, the two main gift stores are still open. You’ll have to go UP the stairs to find them (and Remy). He’s really made himself hard to find here, but if you look close, you’ll see him on the rooftop of the shops holding bread – perfect for dipping in Canada’s iconic cheddar-bacon soup, which is available at the Festival booth and one of our favorite items!


Refreshment Port

Once again, you’ll want to remember to look DOWN at this spot. We found Remy stopping to smell the flowers that surround the boursin cheese sign in front of the Refreshment Port. Don’t be fooled: while boursin cheese is the focus of this stand for the Food & Wine Festival, Remy is holding Carrots.



This booth may have cuisine from “down under,” but we found Remy high atop the Australia Festival Marketplace next to some adorably-potted fresh Herbs.


Coastal Eats

Just finding Coastal eats may require you to consult your Festival map, as it’s not actually part of World Showcase. The booth is located right between the back entrance to Creations gift shop and Test Track. We found Remy with his pan hanging out front and center of the ordering window in this booth.

And with that… we did it! Our map was finally complete, and it was time to claim our prize.



Redemption locations are at Disney Traders, World Traveler, and Creations.

The prize is your choice between four adorable insulated lunch boxes. Your design options are:

  • Remy
  • Figment
  • Mickey
  • Encanto

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