Small World Vacation’s Agent Angela’s Back-to Back Canadian Sailing

Small World Vacation’s Agent Angela’s Back-to Back Canadian Sailing

Back to Back Cruise on the Inaugural visit of the Disney Magic to Quebec City. My husband and I welcomed the opportunity for our 30th anniversary to sail on the Disney Magic on it’s inaugural visit to Quebec City, Saguenay and Baie Comeau with a stop at Halifax.

It’s always a good idea to arrive a day early at the port city from which you will be departing.  We arrived in New York on Wednesday and took advantage of the day to see the city. (Note -Disney Cruiseline did offer pre and post cruise theater options for their current Broadway offerings.)

For the very first time, since it was just the two of us, we choose second dining.  This gave us the chance to be up on deck to view the Big Apple as we sailed along the Hudson River.  We had great views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty along with the Freedom Tower.

Our first port was Halifax.  This is our third time to this city and we loved it.  We wanted to explore the area so I researched private guides and hired a guide from a company called Tours by Locals.  Mel was fantastic.  We were able to see the historic sites of Halifax including the final resting place of many of those who perished on the titanic. The Maritime Museum has gorgeous ship replicas. Along with a model of the Titanic and relics from the ship.

Our guide brought us to some scenic spots near Halifax including Terrance Bay.  The overcast sky just made the crashing waves so dramatic.

We were happy to visit our next location, Peggy’s Cove.  This is a small village which is home to one of Nova Scotia’s more than 160 historic lighthouses.  The pictured lighthouse was built in 1915.  On a clear day you can hike around the structure, but caution is recommended as the ocean water is dangerous and the rocks are slick.

In Saguenay we opted for the excursion Discover the Fjord Treasures.  When we arrived at Saguenay, we were greeted with amazing welcome from the locals.  The town pulled out all the stops.  As we came off the ship, dancers, activities, samples of the local foods were waiting for us. What a memory!

We boarded a smaller boat that sailed along the route we had just journeyed, but with a different perspective of the Fjords.  The scenery was gorgeous.

We stopped in L’Anse-Saint-Jean for a quick lunch before boarding a motorcoach to return and see a different perspective of the Fjords. The first stop was a covered bridge which was featured on Canada’s $1000 bill when it was still in print.  Inside the bridge art is exhibited.

The countryside was gorgeous and we had perfect weather.  Last stop was the top of the Fjords.  The view was stunning.

As we returned to the Magic, more welcomes from the town.  We were running to get back to the ship so we weren’t able to stop and see everything but they pulled out all the stops for us.  Handing us candy and stickers as we walked by as you walked through a group of people clapping and waving saying goodbye.

In Baie Comeau The stop was a little more low Key.  Our excursion was the Parc Nature Point Aux Outardes and Innu Culture.

We were fortunate to have the gentleman who runs the park and an another gentleman as an interpreter for our guides.  They truly love what they do.  This park was like visiting an enchanted forest. While in the nature park you also met Wabush who told us all about the Innu culture.

Last stop Quebec City.  Again for our first day in Quebec we elected to book a tours by Local.  Xavier was amazing.  He drove us through the city and have us the history of Quebec City while showing us the culture.  Even the lamps in the city were unique. The water fountains were works of art.

After a tour around the city we went out to Montorency Falls which is about a 15 minute drive.  Xavier also drove us around the Île d’Orléans.  It was raining so no pictures, but even in the rain it was stunning.

That night Quebec City welcomed the Magic with the most gorgeous fireworks show.  15 minutes of Disney music and stunning lights.  A huge crowd gathered outside the ship to watch.  It was spectacular.   And so ended our first leg of our adventure.

The next day we ended the first part of our trip and started our second half.  This time we just explored the city.









First stop was the Funiculaire to the terrace outside the Fairmount Le Chateau Frontenac.  The view from there is stunning. We wandered back down to Place Royal via several stairs.

Our last day in Quebec we wanted to explore the Fresque des Québécois and Place Royale and shop.  We found a fantastic street musician playing right around the corner from the mural.

The mural is basically the history of Quebec in gorgeous lifelike paintings.  Pictures do not do it justice.  We shopped then found time to have lunch in a lovely little restaurant in Place Royal.  The food was amazing.  Then it was back to the port and goodbye Quebec.  There was a crowd waiting to see the ship off and hear the horn.







For our second leg of the cruise we didn’t plan anything just enjoying the ship and the ports.

When we came back to Saguenay we were excited to see the activities at the port.  They had log cutting and they gave us a lovely souvenir. We had samples of the local blueberry juice.  Also they made maple candy right at the port to give us.

After a Day at Sea we were back in New York City.  It was a memorable sailing.  While I didn’t list them here, there are many activities for sea days (one of our favorites being Jack Jack’s Incredible Diaper Dash- yes they do race babies).

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