Small World Vacations’ Agent, Lori’s Wyoming Adventure by Disney

Wyoming – Adventure by Disney (adult only) by Small World Vacations’ Agent Lori

If you have ever day dreamed about adventuring to the untamed West, this is the Adventure by Disney for you!

During this 6-night/7-day trip you will visit the romantic town of Jackson, WY, venture through the Teton National Forrest, through Yellowstone National Park, and relax at the private jewel lake retreat of Brooks Lodge.

After checking in at the hotel in Jackson, we had time to explore the small town with its quirky shops and great dining options. We were treated to lunch at their Playhouse restaurant for some music and great food!

We next ventured onto the Snake River for an afternoon of whitewater rafting! Never having tried this activity, we both had the best time enjoying the amazing scenery, sun, and animals along the way. We did ‘lose’ one of our rafters in one stronger rapid near the end, but gathered her back up shortly after. During the ‘slower’ part of the river they allowed us to hop into the water to swim for a bit (making sure I tried anything they offered…I hopped overboard for a dip!) Interestingly, Disney does provide and mandate that their rafters to wear helmets while rafting (not something that other rafters on the river must wear). Loved the safety of Adventures by Disney!

Next, leg of the adventure was heading over to the Tetons and up to Yellowstone National Park. To begin this next step we picked up two expert Nature guides who stayed with us on the bus for the next two days explaining and advising us at every stop and site we visited. They were amazing!

I can’t imagine, after visiting Yellowstone, not having had the chance to see that wonderland. It is truly and site to see, filled with its colors, animals, landscape changes, and springs.

As the herd of Nursing Buffalo with their baby calves meandered by, it makes you wonder how Disney pulls off that Magic! Not only once but several times!

After checking in to our Lodge in Yellowstone, we walked on over to Old Faithful and caught the amazing show!

Another amazing stop was the Grand Prismatic Springs!

After a few days of adventuring through Jackson, the Tetons, and Yellowstone, Disney takes you to the most wonderful treat for your last three nights…Brooks Lake Lodge. This private retreat offers day activities of Fly fishing, horseback riding, archery, to Spa treatments, or simply relaxing in the hot-tub overlooking the lake and mountains. Truly magnificent!

Whereas the weather was not conducive for horseback riding, we did experience the full weather of Wyoming with rain, sleet, hail, and snow.

Retreating to the Main lodge for relaxing with the others in the evenings for games, amazing food, music, and just socializing made you feel in another world a million miles away from reality!

It is truly difficult to express the beauty and awe in the locations we visited on this adventure. Every day was an authentic experience that would surprise us at every turn. Every animal, spring, mountain, lake, waterfall, canyon, and lodge visited were breathtaking and wonderful. We both came home with memories to last a lifetime, and the desire to see what else we can do with Adventures by Disney in the future.

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