Alfred from Massachusetts

Sue Pisaturo

This happy guest sent this very kind and thoughtful email to AJ at DisneyFoodBlog

Dear AJ  – I am sure that you receive a lot of email filled with complaints.  Well, let me send this email with only nice comments.  Riley, at Small World Vacations is the THE BEST vacation planner ever!!  Not only does she respond to emails and phone calls promptly, but she even made time on Saturday (May 8, 2021), HER FREE TIME, to spend over an hour discussing vacation plans with us (my wife, my daughter and me).  Plus, AJ, nobody can be more dedicated than Riley since she emailed to me this morning, MOTHER’S DAY, our Confirmation Number and pertinent other information.

I once again want to THANK YOU for telling us about Small World Vacations on your vlogs which we watch every day.  Please inform your contacts at Small World Vacations just how pleased we are that they are working with us.  I also hope that you mention their excellent service on your vlogs, as they are truly excellent.

Thank you, AJ