Angela from NY

Sue Pisaturo

Our travel agent Karen Nunn was assigned to us when we wanted to book our Walt Disney World vacation quite some time ago.  We asked so many questions due to Covid, we changed our mind so many times with our hotel choice, our ticket choices and had so many numerous questions we have emailed and called her about it was a lot for anyone to handle. I can tell you if our roles were reversed, I would have been aggravated and frustrated to say the least. Karen on the other hand was the most kind, thoughtful, considerate, patient travel agent I have ever used. I will never use anyone else but her. Karen is exceptional at what she does and her knowledge of Disney is second to none! She went out of her way to make our trip perfect.  I subscribe to the people that have recommended your company which is how I decided to obtain your service ( Disney Food Blog) So glad we did!