David and Roseanne from WA

Sue Pisaturo

My wife and I would like to commend Heather Garrett of your staff and the remarkable job she did for us planning and executing our Walt Disney World vacation. Both in terms of rapid response/accuracy/great attitude and the all-important font of information she was excellent.

We have been to WDW multiple times under our own booking and consider ourselves fairly experienced as a result but many details have changed as a result of COVID and her expertise helped us to navigate those changes fluidly.

 This was a very expensive retirement trip for us and all of our extended family so getting details right was important.  Travel plans had to be adjusted, re-adjusted, and re-re-adjusted multiple times.  One of our families missed one day at the park, one missed two days, and we missed three days of the 7 days originally booked.  Two of our families never made it and I can assure you that as we are now into planning the make-up trip for them that we will be utilizing Heather again.

Heather worked overtime and ceaselessly to assist us in any way she could and she did not miss a beat. It is our personal opinion that you might refer to her in the future as Saint Heather.  She was that good