Erica from Washington

Sue Pisaturo

I am writing to share with you some insight into the fantastic service I have received from Marion.  As my father used to say about me, I was born independent.  I have personally arranged complex global trips for myself and my family because my standards and complexities are HIGH!  This time I decided to take a chance and work with an agent.  I now believe I can depend on fantastic travel plans in Marion’s hands.  She has wowed me.

She has shown me such a high level of consideration of all of our needs (from an autistic child to a 87 yr old with mobility issues).  For the first time ever, I felt I had a true partner in making sure the trip will be wonderful- even beyond my own high standards.  She offered me such valuable considerations unique to our needs for each option I was considering.  That truly saved me so much time and stress as it allowed me to speed up decisions.  I have been operating in a high stress mode given all of the complexities of Covid this year personally and professionally so having this process be stress free is HUGE.  I could go on and on.