Kathy and Marc from Georgia

Sue Pisaturo

We just returned from a cruise that started off disastrous. About 15 minutes from port we discovered that we left our passports at home! We were in a panic! My first instinct was to give our Small World Vacations’ agent, Andrea, a call and I’m so glad that I did. Her voice was so comforting and I knew that she would spring into action. Her clear thinking and swift action was a lifesaver. After we hung up I called my neighbor who accessed our home and made digital copies of our Birth Certificates. After that was sorted out we received a phone call from DCL. The call came just as we were pulling up to the port. The DCL rep called us because Andrea was wise to give them my cell phone number so we could connect. The DCL rep put us at ease and instructed us on what to do next. It all came to fruition when we were cleared at the DCL counter and checked in. We collectively breathed a sign of relief! None of this would have been possible, and the ship would have left without us, if it weren’t for Andrea. She put the wheels in motion and I can’t imagine what would have happened without her direction. If anyone were to ever ask us if a SWV travel agent was worth it, I would exclaim “YES”! She is our angel and we will forever be grateful! To us, she is a Vacation Goddess!