Adventures by Disney Southwest Trip – Days 1-3

Day 1

Arrive at Enchantment Resort

We took a quick stop to see some cacti up close and greet the desert on our way to Enchantment Resort.

Our Adventure Guide gave us Cactus Candy while riding on the bus – it’s made with prickly pear cactus and is delicious.

We drove up to see the famous Sedona vortex rock formations. There is very powerful ancient Earth energy here and a perfect spot to start our trip.

We took in the view at the exceptional Enchantment Sedona resort hotel surrounded by over 70 acres (.3 square km) of scrub forest and red rock formations.

Each room has a large private deck. After check-in, we strolled the grounds to feel the energy of this enchanted location.

Day 2

Diamondback Gulch Off-Road Tour

We geared up for an off-road trek into the wide-open terrain of the picturesque high desert outback.

Your heart will pound as you descend into the stunning Grand Arroyos! It was definitely a ride to remember with stunning views all around.

We spotted a hidden Mickey cactus while on our Jeep ride!

And we saw a shed snakeskin in between the rocks.

Breathtaking beauty after our Jeep climbed up the rocks for a view from the top.


Day 3

Stop at Montezuma’s Castle

We made a stop in Arizona at Montezuma Castle National Monument, which protects the well-preserved living spaces of the Sinagua Indians.

Visit & Lunch in Williams, Arizona

We discovered this special town at the base of Bill Williams Mountain that boasts a scenic railway and more.

We learned about the history of the legendary Route 66! Plus, we enjoyed lunch at one of the local spots in town.

And don’t forget about shopping of course! Williams is a great place to grab mementos and souvenirs for friends and family.


Stop at Mather Point

We got our first breathtaking glimpse of the Grand Canyon from this awe-inspiring viewpoint on the South Rim.

A friendly squirrel posed for us on the edge of the canyon.

The view from our room was absolutely incredible – we literally slept on the edge of the Grand Canyon!


Native American Dance Performance

We enjoyed a private dance performance from members of the Navajo or Diné tribe before returning to our hotel for the evening.


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